Tribute Guest House Matala

+266 22315357 or +266 22315358

+266 56198675

Activities and attractions

Accommodation (Free WiFi and free shuttle service for airport transfer)
Conferencing Facilities
Dining and Private Bar

Lodge accommodation

This new modern guest house forms a distinctive landmark in the middle income suburb of Maseru of Ha Matala, about 8 kilometres from the Central Business District, along the Main South 1 Road and entry point to the southern part of Lesotho, in a quiet and tranquil

Only opened in December 2014 within one year of starting its operations it has already won the award for 2015 as the best guest house in Maseru and continues to occupy this top position in 2016. We are also reviewed by tripadvisor where likewise we feature among the best guest houses in the city. and tripadvisor we have received excellent comments from our guests such as “a palace in the middle of nowhere”:..”
surprised by such hospitality” ... “ value for money”

Facilities and other info

We offer  eleven (11)  rooms fully air conditioned rooms  

Some of our rooms have a private balcony overlooking lovely gardens 

Ensuite bathroom and shower 

Coffee/tea facilities  

Free Wi-Fi 

For the comfort and convenience of our guests our beds are fitted with electric blankets in winter  

Bed and breakfast included in the room rate 

Lunch /dinner by prior arrangement 

A dining hall  and a private bar. 

A conference hall that accommodates up to 40-45 delegates (conference arrangement) and about 50-60 delegates (classroom arrangement) and an equal number for small private weddings, birthday parties and other similar social events.

Free secure parking within the premises with 24 hour security ( armed night security)